Rotting In Jail

Inmates have no access to the Internet, so this Care Package page is for friends or family who want to make life for their friend or loved one a little less bleak. One excellent way of doing that is by buying the inmate a copy of The Happy Prisoner book.

Cheaper Calling From Inmates

If the inmate has family he wishes to call, he must call collect. This quickly gets very expensive. ConsCallHome is a special service, available in most areas, that helps those at home save money when a prison inmate makes a collect call.

Sending Money To An Inmate

Inmate lookup, SEND MONEY:

Inmate Care Packages

Many inmates have nothing to do. Even if they can't read well, send The Happy Prisoner book to them as it is simply and clearly written and easy to understand. Use the donate button below. You can buy other books through Amazon and have them shipped directly. They can also receive "care packages" from various services listed below.

Websites giving general information on how to send care packages or books to inmates:

Here are two companies who send care packages to prisoners in all states:

If you really want to make the internet do the work for you, just type into Google: "packages for prisoners, state of..." naming the state you need. A specific list will appear with many more links to websites than we have room for here. We've tried a few states, and it is similar to those here, just that there are FAR, FAR MORE choices. When we did this in early 2013, there were over 4,682 websites that sent packages OR explained how to do so and what the rules were for one state or another, or one prison or another.