About The Book

The power of The Happy Prisoner is revealed best through the amazing letters from the prisoners themselves who read the book and woke up to who they were, what their real issues were and how to overcome those issues through a relationship with Jesus Christ, and through understanding themselves. William now has tens of thousands of letters from prisoners who have been transformed and overcame the powers of drugs, alcohol, ADD and the prison system. To read some of those letters, select Letters.

Alan Bock, former Senior Editor of The Register wrote a perfect capsule overview of The Happy Prisoner that can't be beat! His opening paragraph reads: "The Happy Prisoner is written for people who are in prison by a former federal prisoner; but it is of interest to the general reader curious about why certain people seem to get caught in an unbreakable cycle of crime, prison and recidivism. William Sultzer believes the main reason he was able to break that cycle is that he accepted Jesus Christ, and his book in part is a plea to other prisoners to do likewise. But there's a good deal more information here that is fascinating and useful as well." To read more, select Orange County Register Book Review.

That "extra information" Alan Bock mentions is what makes The Happy Prisoner book such a valuable resource. It lists ADD symptoms that allow the ADD person to recognize themselves and understand why they never "fit in." It explains scientifically what happens in the ADD brain that is different from normal brains. In simplest terms, that difference could be called, NO BRAKES, NO BOSS. Read about that in Chapter 10! Once the ADD person understands, they are able to compensate and eliminate destructive impulses from their lives. Other chapters offer positive help and exciting encouragements, such as what modern medicine has discovered that is superior (and legal!) to "self-medicating", and a tremendous amount of critical and scientific information that opens a world of help to the ADD, dyslexic, and/or Tourette's Syndrome person and his family, including recovery and support group resources.

The Happy Prisoner is a book that should be on everyone's coffee table, because EVERYONE knows someone who has these issues. Many of us can even recognize these symptoms among our own families or friends.

Table of Contents

cover art Introduction: Start Here
Chapter 1:   The Happy Prisoner
Chapter 2:   My Prayer
Chapter 3:   It's Not All Our Fault
Chapter 4:   Two Kinds of Special
Chapter 5:   Hunter-Pioneer or Farmer-Nit-Picker?
Chapter 6:   The ADD label
Chapter 7:   The Dyslexia Label
Chapter 8:   The Tourette's Label
Chapter 9:   Misfits Misfire!
Chapter 10:  No Brakes and No Boss!
Chapter 11:  Ready, Fire, Aim!
Chapter 12:  Self-Medication
Chapter 13:  Columbine and Cat Poop!
Chapter 14:  Kid Stuff
Chapter 15:  The Real You
Chapter 16:  Your Power Source
Chapter 17:  The 3 R's
Chapter 18:  The Sanity Test
Chapter 19:  The 12 Steps
Chapter 20:  God Has a Plan for You

End Notes
Support Groups and Recovery Resources
Appendix A:  More About ADD
Appendix B:  More About Tourette's Syndrome
Appendix C:  More About Dyslexia
Appendix D:  The Twelve Steps and Christianity
About the Authors

Book sales and donations help the work of the ministry, but if you want the book and cannot afford a copy, please feel free to download the PDF file here: Download The Happy Prisoner in PDF form free! We love praise reports on how the book was a blessing to your family! Please write or email us any time.